November 23, 2015 -Emerging Capital Limited (FSX:EDO): Information Regarding Project Nerone And Possible Co-Operation With Ecometrics S.R.L.

Emerging Capital Limited (FSX: EDO) (“Emerging”) is pleased to announce, that Project Nerone, had meetings with Executives and Research Staff from the spin-off Company Ecometrics S.r.l. and professors/scientists of the Catholic University of Brescia.

After the meeting, the following written statement was issued from Ecometrics S.r.l. to Project Nerone;

“We found this meeting a very interesting opportunity to get a detailed picture about the activities your Company is carrying on in the development of innovative technologies for energy production from biomass. Furthermore, our discussions can represent a promising starting point for a future cooperation between our companies”.

Project Nerone is proud about the recognition of their technology, and a co-operation is expected to speed up the process for the construction of the first test plants.

Therefore, Project Nerone will soon organize a meeting with Entrepreneurs and Municipal Authorities in order to identify a test area to install from three to five 200 KW plants.

About Project Nerone

Emerging and its partners have developed the technologies for the pyro-gasification Biomass Plant, known as the Project Nerone, and will utilize the technology for commercial use. It’s based on pyro-gasification of virgin wood, which consist of barks and sawdust that have had no chemical treatments or finished applied. The main advantage of the technology is the efficiency in the pyro-gasification process providing a more energy efficient Biomass Plant.

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