27th April 2017, Emerging Capital Ltd. is pleased to announce that the financial result for 2016 was positive and in line with the company’s expectations. The revenue stayed at same level as last year of USD 1.4 million, while the Net Profit increased from USD 75,621 to USD 106,895 in 2016. Also, the company’s Equity has increased from USD 2,168,320 to USD 5,604,375.

The Chairman of Emerging Capital Ltd., Mr. Khandakar Rezbi comments; “We are proud of this year’s result, where all the commitment in selecting the right investments has paid off, and we are certain, that we can keep and improve the level of earnings significantly for the coming years to the benefit of the Investors.”

With the consolidation of shares completed in April 2017, this gives the Company an “Earnings per Share (diluted)” ratio of USD 0.99.