Emerging Capital Limited Invests in Development of Dynamic Waste Water Purification System - Source: MarketWatch

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - May 4, 2015) - Emerging Capital Limited, which acts as an incubator for small to medium sized enterprises ("SME's"), announces today that it will invest in Italian firm Integra for Aesthetics which produces a revolutionary clinical grade skin care platform that dramatically reduces signs of aging, including wrinkles, loose skins, discoloration and dryness, with a significant boost in collagen production.

The platform consists of a handheld device is certified by the ministry of Health and has been found to penetrate skin at the deepest levels, with the ability to treat not only the face, but other parts of the body as well.

The product and ingredients have been tested with a focus group of salons and beauticians with optimal results and has warranted a larger test for marketability in the city of Milan where the platform will be tested at 50 salon locations to assess the overall need for training, logistics and promotional marketing.

Executives will then utilize results to initiate a launch of 1000 machines placed in key Italian markets which is expected to achieve in excess of $2m Euros in the first year.

Emerging Capital Limited is an incubator for small to medium sized enterprises ("SME's") who would otherwise have no opportunity to raise funds or be exposed to international opportunities. Emerging Capital's clients gain access to the stock markets, to private equity funds, hedge funds, as well as private sophisticated investors, allowing clients the ability to choose the most suited funding option for their business.


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